There are various types of burns and degrees of burns a person may suffer. Below is a brief summary regarding the differences of burns. If you have any questions about the type or degree of burn you have sustained please contact your professional caregiver. For burns that require extensive medical attention and leave you to endure the financial obligation of treatment, contact the McEwen Law Firm to retain a burn injury lawyer and see what we can do for you.

Degrees of Burns:

First Degree Burns – First degree burns are surface, or minor, burns. First degree burns may be treated at home; however, first degree burns covering a large surface are a or on a delicate part of the body may need medical attention.

Second Degree Burns – Second degree burns are more serious than first degree burns. Second degree burns are typically followed by blisters or other tissue damage.

Third Degree Burns – Third degree burns damage surface and deeper tissue layers. They require immediate medical attention and are typically extremely serious.

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Burn Types:

Smoke Inhalation – Smoke inhalation occurs from breathing in the hot air caused by flames. The inhaled air contains carbon monoxide which is toxic to the body. The heat from the flames also causes internal damage.

Chemical Burns – Chemical burns occur as a result of exposure to extremely abrasive chemicals. Chemical burns are usually a result of exposure to industrial strength chemicals; however, some household cleaning products may also result in chemical burns.

Electrical Burns – Electrical burns are caused by exposure to high volts of electricity through electrical lines, outlets, or batteries. Electrical burns may be minor, or be so severe they cause death.

Thermal Burns – Thermal burns are caused by exposure to extremely high temperatures. Thermal burns may occur after exposure to scalding liquids, hot metals, and flames.

Radiation Burns – Radiation burns occur as a result of exposure to UV rays. This includes severe sunburns, as well as other rays such as those in medical x-rays.