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Gregory N. McEwen has the distinction of being voted by his peers as one of the Super Lawyers in Minnesota from 2004-2023 (This distinction is given to only 5% of Minnesota lawyers each year, voted by peers). He’s earned this designation for obtaining consistent results for his clients and has recovered over $500,000,000 for his clients across all 50 states.

He has appeared on television, radio, podcasts and numerous times in newspapers, including: • NBC • ABC • CBS • New York Times • Wall Street Journal • Minnesota Lawyer • Pioneer Press (St. Paul, MN) • Star Tribune (Minneapolis, MN) • Forum (Fargo, ND) • Herald (Grand Forks, ND) • The Des Moines Register (Des Moines, Iowa} • The Lawyerist

Gregory is a member of the Million Dollar Roundtable, a member of the American Inns of Court, a member of the Minnesota Association of Justice, a member of America Association of Justice; Attorneys Information Exchange Group; and the Minnesota State Bar Association. He has appeared on public radio, television, and numerous times in newspapers , including a case that was highlighted in the New York Times.



$134 Million CONFIDENTIAL SETTLEMENT OBTAINED FOR NUMEROUS CLIENTS Gregory N. McEwen reached a record $134,000,000 settlement on behalf of clients after several years of hard-fought litigation. The case settled just before trial was set to begin.
$64 Million CONFIDENTIAL SETTLEMENT Gregory N. McEwen negotiated a massive eight figure settlement on behalf of his clients after several years of hard fought litigation.
$36.5 Million CONFIDENTIAL SETTLEMENT ACHIEVED ON BEHALF OF MULTIPLE CLIENTS Gregory N. McEwen reached an eight-figure settlement on behalf of a group of clients against a large defendant.
$23.5 Million CONFIDENTIAL SETTLEMENT ACHIEVED ON BEHALF OF MULTIPLE CLIENTS Gregory N. McEwen reached an eight-figure settlement on behalf of a group of clients against a large defendant.
SETTLEMENT WON FOR RICHLAND EXPLOSION VICTIMS Countryman, et. al. v. Iowa Double Circle, et. al. (Iowa Trial) Facts: Seven people were killed, and many others were seriously injured during a family gathering in Richland, Iowa. The home that was the gathering place for the family and friends exploded due to the accumulation of propane gas. The case was based on the negligent failure to warn concerning the dangers of propane and the reasonable measures to take to ameliorate those dangers. Settlement: Settlement was reached against the propane retailer for the policy limits of $5,000,000 and with the homeowner for policy limits $1,300,000. Two other defendants settled prior to the start of trial. Trial began against the remaining defendant before the case was settled for a substantial confidential amount during trial. The press reported settlements of $20,000,000. In addition, the District Court dismissed during the case against the wholesaler based upon the limited liability statute. This was appealed to the Iowa Supreme Court which resulted in a reversal finding that a managing partner to a limited liability corporation can be personally liable.
$17.5 Million RECORD SETTLEMENT FOR DANGEROUS PRODUCT VICTIMS Gregory N. McEwen helped represent those harmed by dangerous products. He was successful in recovering a $ 17.5 million settlement.
$9.6 Million verdict Estate of Ryan v. Defendants (Iowa Trial) Facts: Mr. Ryan lost his life, and another co-worker was severely and permanently injured when an anhydrous ammonia tank ruptured. The tank ruptured due to a defective weld, and it had been inadequately inspected over the years. Plaintiffs sued the various defendants on a failure to warn theory. Verdict: The jury returned a verdict of $9.6 Million, including nearly $4 Million for the wrongful death claim.
$8.3 Million Freeland v. Ferrellgas (Michigan) Facts: A retired couple was burned in a propane gas explosion in Michigan. The husband died of the burns received in the explosion. The wife survived, but she sustained critical burns. The case was based on negligent failure to warn about the defects of odorized propane as well as the retailer’s failure to respond to numerous calls by the Freeland’s regarding gas leaks. Result: $8,300,000
$5.9 Million Vega v. Propane Retailer, et. al. (Mississippi) Facts: Three young children were badly burned when a cat with a litter box somehow caused a fuel shutoff valve improperly placed in a wall to open allowing gas to leak into the home. The children came home from school and the oldest start to cook an afternoon snack. When she lit the stove the leaked gas exploded. The case was defended by the retailer on the basis that it was not a propane gas explosion.
Settlement: The case settled for $5.9 Million.
Anderson v. Gas Co. et al. (Minnesota) Facts: A father and daughter were severely burned in Minnesota in the propane gas explosion that occurred in a resort cabin. An exterior propane gas line corroded in leaked gas into the building. It was established that the retailer was negligent in failing to warn about the dangers of propane and to discover and change the leaking propane gas line. Settlement: A settlement was reached with the various parties in the amount of $3 million.
Clients v. SD Propane Distributor (South Dakota) Fact: The clients sustained serious burns when propane gas leaked from a corroded gas line located in the basement. The propane company, failed to conduct mandatory testing and inspection of the propane system. Settlement: $2,750,000
Trucking Accident (Minnesota) Injury – Post Traumatic Brain Injury to passenger in utero Description – A speeding semi-tractor, pulling a double tanker trailer broad-sided a vehicle that had slowed and was attempting an illegal turn. The wreck resulted in the wrongful death of the driver of the vehicle. Additionally, there were severe injuries to the pregnant passenger including the infliction of post traumatic cerebral palsy to the passenger’s son, who was in utero during the accident. Settlement: $2,500,000
Trucking Accident (Wyoming) Injury – Wrongful death; traumatic brain injury, facial and scalp lacerations, pelvic fracture, anemia due to blood loss Description – On the snowy afternoon of the collision, the Plaintiff’s four of four was parked in the emergency lane due to an accumulation of snow of their windshield and poor road conditions. The Defendant was driving at an excessive speed for the circumstance and lost control of his tractor-trailer. The semi jackknifed and hit the left rear portion of the Plaintiff’s vehicle. The Plaintiff husband, the driver, succumbed to his injuries the evening of the crash and passed away. His two daughters and wife were also severely injured in the accident. The trucking company had $2,000,000 insurance limits which were tendered. Plaintiff’s then attempted an action against the shipper for negligent selection of an independent contractor (trucker) a case of first impression in Wyoming. Settlement: $2,250,000
Client v. Propane Retailer, et. al. (Michigan) Facts: The client sustained serious burns in a propane gas explosion caused by leaking propane gas. The case was based on negligent failure to warn, including the failure to warn about gas detectors. The case was defended by the retailer by blaming the client for the leak. The case settled for $1,500,00
Client vs Propane Service, Inc., et al. (Nebraska) Facts: A propane explosion occurred at the home of our client, resulting in rendering our client disabled and completely unemployable as a result of his injuries. In the explosion he suffered severe burns, full and partial thickness to the head, face and upper body – covering 35-45% of his total body surface area. The case was based on the negligent failure to warn concerning the dangers of propane. Settlement: $1,000,000
Wickenkamp v. Gas Company ( Iowa Trial ) Fact: A gas explosion occurred near Oskaloosa when the father of a minor boy was attempting to transfer propane from a larger cylinder to a smaller cylinder. Suit was filed based upon failure of the propane gas retailer to adequately warn regarding the dangers of transferring propane from one cylinder to another. Settlement: After a week’s trial in Polk County District Court a substantial confidential settlement was reached.
Nehrig v. Thermogas et al. (Iowa) Facts: Two volunteer fire fighters were killed and seven other people were injured when a blazing 18,000 gallon propane tank exploded in Albert City, Iowa. The propane tank lacked adequate collision protection, and the entire propane system design was flawed. Settlement: The McEwen Law Firm obtained confidential settlements on behalf of their clients.