What are Electrical Burns?

Electrical burn injuries may occur to anyone at any time. Electrical burns are caused by exposure to high voltages of electricity. Electrical burn injuries may be minor, or they may cause severe, life-threatening, injuries.

Typically those who work in the electrical industry (electricians, etc.) are at the most risk of suffering electrical burns. There are also many sources of electrical burns including household wiring, outlets, batteries, and more. The source of the burn, the strength of the current, and other circumstances affect the severity of the electrical burn.

Electrical burns may appear on the skin’s surface as other burns appear and damage top skin layers or deeper tissue layers. Unlike other burns, electrical burn injuries may reach internal organs and tissues. These injuries are typically severe and life-threatening.

What Complications are Involved with Electrical Burns?

Electrical burn injuries may also be complicated if the victim fell after suffering an electrical shock, went into cardiac arrest after suffering an electrical shock, or if other circumstantial injury occurred.

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