Propane Gas Definition

Propane gas is used for many purposes each day. Propane is commonly used in homes for heating and cooking purposes. While propane is typically stable, faulty equipment can cause propane leaks which result in gas explosions.

Propane leaks may occur throughout the household as well as the backyard in grill areas. When propane is exposed to sparks, heat, or other flammable circumstance explosions occur. Propane gas explosions can severely burn victims in close proximity to the explosion. Gas explosions also spark fires which may also cause severe burn injuries.

Leaks begin to occur for a number of reasons. Faulty equipment, holes, poor installation are common causes of propane leaks. Leaks also occur in defective tanks, hoses, and other materials. Propane leaks may be present for weeks without any indication of a problem due to the usual stable condition of the gas.

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