How Do Construction Explosions Occur?

Construction sites contain a number of high-risk factors for explosions. Gas lines, open flames, and industrial chemicals are common factors at construction sites. These combustible materials may spark explosions at any time.

Construction explosions may occur due to faulty gas leaks, gas tank explosions, or chemicals or other combustible material being exposed to flame. Construction explosions harm workers, bystanders, and anyone in close enough proximity to the explosion to be touched by the flames.

What Injuries Are Associated With Construction Explosions?

Many construction explosions result in thermal burn accidents, chemical burn accidents, as well as injuries related to falling debris and collapsing material as a result of the initial explosion. Injuries sustained as a result of explosions may be minor and require a quick visit to a doctor, or be so serious they alter the victim’s life forever.

Construction site explosions may result in chronic pain, serious third-degree burns, and other life-threatening injuries. Explosions on construction sites may also result in the wrongful death of workers and bystanders.

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