What Causes Car Fires and Explosions?

Vehicle explosions cause serious, deadly, fires. Vehicle explosions are commonly caused by faulty equipment, leaks, electrical malfunctions, and other defective automotive equipment. Explosions fueled by flammable liquid leaks (gasoline leaks, etc.) are additionally dangerous.

Vehicle explosions may occur when automobiles collide with one another, when a train collides with automobiles or another train, or when off road vehicles collide. Explosions may also be caused by the collision of large on road vehicles such as campers and buses.

What Injuries are Related to Car Explosions?

Burns resulting from vehicle explosions are usually thermal burns or chemical burns, depending on the extent of the explosion and cause for the explosion. Vehicle explosions also most commonly occur in summer months when weather conditions (high temperatures, wind, etc.) fuels explosion fires.

Vehicle explosions result in the deaths of hundreds of people each year and injure thousands more. If you or a loved one has been injured by a vehicle explosion, or if you have lost the life of a loved one due to a vehicle explosion, contact McEwen Law Firm today.

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