Treatment for burns varies depending on the placement and severity of the burn. Burns on the face or other delicate areas should be handled extremely carefully and medical attention should immediately be sought in order to prevent scarring and complications.

Surface burns, or minor burns, which occur while cooking or as result of another minor accident can usually be handled at home. The burn should be covered with a cool, wet, towel or soaked in cool water for roughly five minutes. Remember: minor burns should not be treated with ice cubes, butter, or other salves as this can increase the damage done to the skin.

After the burn is soaked a sterile cloth should be applied and the area should be kept clean until the burn heals. Minor burns typically heal in a few days to a few weeks.

More serious burns, or those which produce severe blisters or blacken the skin, should be treated by a doctor immediately. Professional medical attention will prevent scarring, infection, and other serious complications.

Extremely severe, or third-degree burns, may be treated by skin grafts, surgery, or other forms of intense medical treatment. These procedures are costly, painful, and traumatic for the sufferer. They may also leave the victim permanently scarred from the burn incident.

Please note, if you have any questions about treating burns or would like more information please contact your doctor or other medical professionals.