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Hernia Mesh Lawsuits – FAQ


A Simple Guide to Hernia Mesh Lawsuits and Settlements

What Does A Hernia Mesh Lawsuit Entail?

Maybe you have been browsing the internet after watching a lot of commercials about hernia mesh lawsuits seeking to understand more about them.

Simply put, a hernia is a condition where a section of inner tissue pushes past a flesh opening that is meant to hold the said tissue. As expected, this can cause a lot of pain. Hernias are caused by many different things, like weakness in specific body parts (such as muscle weakness), lifestyle causes (for instance, obesity), or overexertion such as lifting heavy objects. The most popular kinds of hernias happen in the; internal groin (inguinal), belly button (umbilical), outer groin/thigh (femoral), incision point (ventral), or diaphragm/upper stomach (hiatal). Therefore, hernias are quite common regardless of specific characteristics.

What You Should Do Before You Pursue A Hernia Mesh Claim

Figure Out Which Hernia Mesh Implant You Have - Prior to proceeding with a hernia mesh case, the most critical initial step is to request your surgeon or hospital to assist you in determining which hernia mesh brand or medical device was used as your implant. Currently, legal actions are only being pursued against a few hernia mesh producers. Therefore, before deciding to lodge your claim, first find out the specific manufacturer of your implant.

If you desire to take action and receive a judgment or award due to a faulty or a harmful hernia mesh, it's important that you fully ascertain the mesh type that was utilized. If you're doubtful on the exact type of hernia mesh utilized, reach out to your doctor or medical facility as they have those details on record.

Steps To Find Out If You Have A Defective Hernia Mesh Claim

  • Find Your Medical Records
  • Find Your Hernia Mesh
  • Determine If You Need Revision Surgery
  • Get In Touch With An Attorney

That being said, you also should not drag your feet. Certain statutes of limitation and various deadlines may apply to your situation, so it's best to get your claim moving as soon as possible. If a defective hernia mesh implant was used in your surgery, you deserve compensation. Don't risk waiting too long and losing what you're owed.

My Mesh Is Starting To Fail. What Should I Do?

If you suspect that your hernia mesh is starting to fail, and you are suffering from serious side effects, then consulting with your doctor is the first thing that you should do. Your doctor can conduct an examination and determine what may be causing your problems. If the root cause is hernia mesh failure, it might be time for you to consider filing a lawsuit.

Has Your Hernia Mesh Been Recalled?

The FDA and manufacturers have recalled several different hernia mesh products. A recall may be a red flag and an indication that it might be unsafe for a device to be used in hernia repairs. Just because a product is recalled by a hernia mesh manufacturer that does not limit their liability when you make the decision to file a lawsuit. A company still can be held completely accountable for the injuries that their defective products have caused.

A hernia mesh lawsuit can be filed even if your device has not been recalled. Quite often recalls are voluntary and done at a medical device company's discretion. At other times, a recall will be issued by the FDA if the evidence is overwhelming that it causes adverse effects. It is quite possible that your device is unreasonably safe or defective but still has not been recalled by the manufacturer.

What You Should Know Before You File Your Hernia Mesh Lawsuit

Hernia mesh is known to be related to quite a few different health issues and complications. As a matter of fact, current research is starting to indicate that hernia mesh might be doing more harm in the long run than actual good. Mesh products have a tendency to shrink, shift, or migrate inside the body following surgery.

As a consequence, a lot of hernia mesh patients wind up suffering from recurring hernias, chronic pain, infection, and organ perforation. Hernia patients frequently wind up needing additional surgeries so that internal injuries can be repaired and defective mesh can get replaced.

What To Do When Suing For Hernia Failure And Your Symptoms Did Not Show Up Right Away

It is important to know about the statute of limitations, along with the way this lawsuit-filing deadline which is set according to this law may be applicable for your lawsuit for hernia mesh.

If you are now suffering from health issues after undergoing surgery for hernia mesh, and you had the mesh implanted a long time ago, you might already know about the deadlines linked to filing injury-related lawsuits in a court of law. You may be wondering how these deadlines will apply to any complications that arise from a direct result of hernia mesh, particularly when the mesh failure, infection, or other issues do not occur until much later (months or years), after your procedure.

Settlement Amounts For Hernia Mesh Cases

Complications are often caused by hernia mesh devices that are defective. Any device that is used on patients is required to meet certain pre-market testing standards. Patients who end up developing complications due to a faulty hernia mesh device has the right to file a lawsuit against the hernia mesh device manufacturer.

It is critical to have an attorney who can argue your case effectively in court and be able to provide that the complications from your hernia mesh were your doctor's fault. You need to have a professional who knows how to present his arguments effectively and deliver the results you desire. Search for a hernia mesh attorney who has plenty of experience working on hernia mesh cases or other types of medical malpractice. Be sure that your product liability or medical malpractice attorney specializes just in hernia mesh defective device or medical malpractice lawsuits.

Know If You Qualify For Compensation

There are stringent standards for persons who want to submit a hernia mesh claim. If your circumstance, fails to meet the criteria, then chances are high that your suit will never be heard. A key detail to remember is that if your surgery happened between October 2010 and June 2016, you qualify as a claimant.

The complications you are suffering from are very unfair. Instead of fixing your hernia problems, the solution provided has only increased your anguish and pain. By contacting our team, you can discover if you qualify to file a lawsuit for a hernia mesh claim.

Hernia Mesh Settlement - Settling Too Fast

If you have suffered complications due to having a defective hernia mesh, then your hernia mesh lawyer will bring a lawsuit to federal court to seek compensation. Corporate entities often will throw a few peanuts at victims in an attempt to make this problem disappear. Usually, that will range in tens of millions to more than one hundred million per year. That might seem like lots of money in a settlement. However, it can be greatly inadequate for a settlement. That is due to the fact that on many of these deals, only peanuts are received by each individual claimant and the attorneys end up with millions of dollars.

You need to have a hernia mesh lawyer who will reuse a poor settlement and stand up for you.