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Explosions Caused by Propane and Natural Gas: What You Should Know

Natural and propane gas explosion can occur for any number of different reasons. Understanding the varying similarities and differences among the gases themselves is what we’ll explore in this article, as well as some of the reasons why an explosion may occur. Natural gas and propane gas are most commonly used as fuel types nowadays. […]

Working in Construction? These Common Tasks Can Put You at Risk for Burn Accidents

When people think of construction accidents, the first thing that usually comes to their minds is falling from height. This isn’t really surprising since many construction projects nowadays are focused on skyscrapers and other high-rise structures. However, it’s important to note that getting injured from falls is not the only thing that workers should be […]

Here’s What You Must Know About Electrical Burns and Accident Prevention

An electrical burn injury can occur from exposure to high amounts of electricity through contact with exposed wires, faulty appliances, or electrical sockets. These burns can also result from being struck by lightning, although this happens in very rare instances. Electrical burns usually happen when people fail to follow safety precautions, mainly because they’re not […]

What Can You Do to Help Burn Victims Heal?

Burn victims must be taken to the hospital so they can receive the medical care they need. However, it’s important to note that burn victim recovery isn’t just about getting medications, surgery, and other treatments. It’s also about having a solid network of family and friends who help the patient with their needs and cheer […]

Burns: Degrees, Causes, and Treatment

Burns are some of the worst injuries that people can experience. This comes from the fact that, aside from causing intense amounts of pain, burns can also damage the skin and affect the victim’s appearance. In serious cases, they can cause health complications including infections, hypovolemia (low blood volume), and hypovolemic shock. Burn accident treatment […]

Burned in a Car Accident? Here?s Why You Should Hire a Competent Attorney

When people think of automobile accidents, they usually picture victims having broken bones as well as cuts and wounds from broken glass. What they usually don’t envision are victims who endure vehicle explosion burns. The problem is that vehicle explosion burns are much more common than people think. From 2003 to 2007, an annual average […]

Propane Gas Explosion Burns

Propane is relatively safe but, just like many types of flammable gas, it can be dangerous when the equipment involved is old and/or faulty or if the system is not properly installed. This is also the case if the user doesn’t follow instructions and abuses or misuses the equipment. In these cases, it’s highly likely […]

Electrical Burn Accident

An electrical burn accident can take place when a person gets exposed to electrical currents (such as those from a household appliance, electrical outlet, or power line) at home, at the workplace, or any other place. They can also happen to someone who gets struck by lightning or hit by a stun gun. Electrical burns […]

Chemical Burn Accident

A chemical burn accident can occur when you’re exposed to substances that are harsh enough to irritate or damage tissues. These include strong acids or bases (alkalines) such as: ammonia, car battery acid, teeth whitening products, and denture cleaners, as well as any chemical that’s used in manufacturing and other industries like lye, lime, and […]